WHAT Makes Him Special...

Why should Joe be the first choice of speaker for addiction events?


He truly loves people.

His only desire is to NEVER see anyone live what he has lived.

Fully Recovered Addict

Joe has been sober for 18 months now.

Sober since 09/28/2016

7 Time Felon

He has been to PRISON twice.

He has a full understanding of the criminal system.

Diagnosed With Disabilities

He uses them as abilities now,

Harnessing the power of his past.

BLUNT and to the POINT.

He will never sugar-coat anything.

He is as straight forward as they come.

Fully Understanding

He has done it all.

He knows what youth of today go through and can completely relate.


The not-so-simple facts of his life.

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"I have lived a terrible life. I had a terrible upbringing and had to start out early in life, basically on my own. A lot of things happened to me when I was a child. A lot of mental, physical and emotional abuse by my parents. Because of all of these things, I didn't get to learn life appropriately. I was an outcast and had to deal with a lot of torment because of things that were beyond my control. And so, starting at 5 years old, up until I turned 33, my life had no focus whatsoever. The following is a quick synopsis of my life until now.

I was born on September 26th, 1983, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My parents were divorced when I was 5. The very first memory I have is of my mother walking out on my brother and I. I started fighting in school a LOT then. I'm sure it was because of this event.

One day, one of the kids in my class was walking down the sidewalk by our home with his mother. My dad and I were outside and when I saw them, I introduced them to my dad. This woman was to eventually become my dad's new wife. She had 3 boys. It didn't take long for me to find out that I was the odd one out. When I was 7 years old, my dad approached me and told me that he could no longer take care of me. He said that I could call my mom and ask her if she would take me, or I could go to a foster home. His girlfriend, not-yet-wife talked him into it, I'm sure.

I called my mom and she took me in. The next 2 years of my life were good. I caused myself a lot of problems though. One night I was spinning a metal baseball bat above my head while laying in bed. It fell and hit me in the face, breaking my front teeth. I had to walk around for weeks with my teeth looking ridiculous. The dentist eventually put caps on them, but they kept falling off. Whats worse, is that I killed my front right nerve. My tooth turned black (it is still slightly discolored today which, sadly, makes me hide my true smile). I was 8. I already wasn't liked. This just gave kids ammo to pick on me. More fighting ensued at my new school. Here is where I started taking Ritalin.

2 years into the next 7 years, my mother married a demon, a terrible man, and we moved to Lansing, Michigan. He did all kinds of terrible stuff to me. Hit me in the head with a hammer, ripped my tongue up from my jaw by stuffing a sock in my mouth, was cruel to animals, etc. etc. He was just disgusting... and my mother LOVES this man. She knows about everything he did. She had a child with him and when that happened, I was basically forgotten about. I was 11.

At the age of 12, I threatened to kill myself. My step-dad threw a phone at me for it. The next day, while in school, a police officer came and arrested me in front of the whole school at lunchtime. He drove me home where my parents were waiting for me. The cop took my handcuffs off and told me to get into my parents car. They had a trash bag full of clothes for me. We drove to a mental institute where I spent 11 days for saying I was going to kill myself. I became a human pincushion for drugs. When I was released, I was sent home on Depakote, which caused me to lose control of my tongue... in class, all day at school, in front of everyone. I once again became the laughing stock of the school. My mother made me take it. She didn't care that I was being bullied because of it. She is a bully herself.

When I was 14, I was finally removed from the home, and was sent to juvie. Him and I got into an altercation, him provoking me by pushing me into a corner, me pushing him out of my face. Every time I would push him away, he would come right back. It probably happened 30 times. My mother was watching this and called the police. When they got there, they spoke to my parents and then they arrested me for battery.

I spent the the next 11 months in this juvie ticked off at the world. I turned what was supposed to be a 4 and a half program into a ridiculous amount of time. Finally it all clicked. I made the changes in myself that I needed to and was released back to my parents. I thought it was all going to be okay. They hadn't changed though. They were VERY upset about the $90,000 bill that the juvie sent them, and so they hated me. I lasted about 2 weeks before being put back into juvie temporarily.

I then went to foster care, where eventually my foster father put his hands on me. I was removed again, but this time he owned what he did, and I didn't get charged with anything new, thankfully.

I ended up going to Edinburgh, Indiana to the Atterbury Job Corp Center after that. There is where I met independence and there is where I abused it as well. I started smoking pot and drinking and lost my virginity. At 16 years old, I was an adult. I was not ready to be an adult.

I got my GED and went to the Army Infantry at 17, to Fort Benning, Georgia, then I got kicked out of the Army because the Army is not a place for kids. The day I got kicked out was August 28, 2001. 2 weeks before September 11th happened. Dodged that bullet.

After this I went back to Grand Rapids, Michigan, got my first apartment, and my first line of cocaine... and my first crack rock. My parents had nothing to do with me, and I had no one to turn to. If I did have someone, I didn't know to turn to them.

In the middle of Michigan winter I had no place to go. I was couch surfing, and eventually one of those couches ended up being a gay mans. I ended up experimenting with homosexuality at this point because I basically had to. I had run out of options. This only took place for days though because I didn't like it. I ended up going to a gas station, where I stole a car to GET OUT of Michigan winter. That car broke down and I stole another in Richmond, Indiana. I went on high-speed pursuit and hit a house going 90mph. I did not get hurt at all. First felony at 18 years old. At this point I knew that I really had no chance at a good life. Felonies destroy futures, even if you aren't ACTUALLY a criminal. I felt that once I got the first one, I didn't care about anything anymore. But still, I didn't go out looking for problems. I didn't want to go to prison forever. I don't like jail.

At 19, while on probation, I started doing drugs again. I ended up getting with the WORST group of people possible (Not by choice. Out of fear of them) and was the driver for their crime spree. When I turned us in, I ended up getting 2 more felonies and a total 2 1/2 years in prison, them getting 10 years each.

I got out of prison, moved to Muncie, Indiana, and met my ex-wife 11 days out of prison. A year into our relationship she started calling me gay to my mother on the phone, and I ended up slapping the phone out of her hand. I didn't hurt her. I had just completed parole and was free from everything when this event happened. She called the police. I stayed at the house, even though she was telling me to leave before the police got there, because I was going to explain to the police what happened. I got arrested and got a felony battery. 4 separate felonies by the time I was 23.

We ended up getting married AFTER this event. We thought it would get me out of trouble. It didn't. We stayed married for the next 5 years. I was a step-dad to her 3 daughters. Starting at 22, I was a dad. Me, a person who didn't even know how to be a kid... But I did great for my step daughters.

At 24, Vocational Rehabilitation of Indiana, a government program, deemed me mentally disabled. I asked them if I could go to college. They said I shouldn't because I probably would not complete my degree, but they ended up paying my way. I joined the culinary program. A terrible choice. I got 2 grants and my school loans. Since Voc Rehab paid for my college and books, I would get an $8,500 to $9,500 check each semester. My wife wanted to spend money on stupid things. Mostly gold. I on the other hand bought a truck, a car, and to keep me in the house, I bought a PS3 and spent $1,400 on a TV. I started playing Call of Duty at this point. I became a 2 time world champion. I didn't get paid for it though, so it doesn't really matter. I stayed off of most drugs though. I only did pills (opiates) and marijuana.

I ended up selling my truck near the end of my marriage. I took the money, told my wife that I didn't want to be with her, and flew to El Paso, Texas, to smoke crack in Mexico. It was a terrible journey. I ended up doing ecstasy for the first and only time, got an STD, and eventually went back to my wife, with my tail between my legs.

My wife and I were just not to be, and eventually another incident happened. We got into mutual combat. She tried to take the keys out of the ignition while I was telling her to get out of the car, that we were over with. She would not let me leave, and so we started fighting. Her mother came out and started fighting me too. I ended up pressing the gas on the car and her mother was hanging out of the car at this time. I drug her for about 10 feet before she let go. It was 2 on 1 at this time and I wasn't about to be beat up and car-less. When she finally let go, my wife jumped out to help her mother. This time I had a witness though. Because I felt terrible about the situation, the next day I had him turn me in. He told the police everything that happened and no charges were filed against me. I defended myself. I wish I would have had witnesses for all the other events that I got in trouble for prior to this. That was the end of my relationship with my wife though.

At this point, I had very little money left. I took what I had and got an apartment. I had my laptop from college, and started figuring out how to download and burn DVD's. I got very good at it and very quick too. Once I had the system down, I sat at a gas station and started showing my work off. I made enough money daily to support my newly restarted crack habit. I didn't want to live that life though. I was just lonely and wanted to get high.

I met another woman on Craigslist. She helped me get my divorce at 27 and we moved to Indianapolis after that. As a product of the divorce, I won the car. With my student money, I was free to spend it how I wanted to from then on out. I bought a motorcycle and built my first computer for $1,200. I started my first business with her help. Again, me, who didn't even know how to be a child, yet alone an adult businessman, started a business. And I ended up wasting $14,000 of her's, her father's and a couple of other investor's money.

Apparently my ideas were good though, because immediately upon learning that the original business was unable to succeed, one of my employees approached me and said he would invest into a video game with me. I know video games. They are what I did to avoid my parents when I was a child.

We built a game in 18 months, after spending $18,000.

At 28, I ended up doing drugs again and the woman that helped me get my divorce and I mutually chose to end our relationship. It wasn't going anywhere. We were about 13 months into the production of the game at this point.

After this, I REALLY started doing drugs again. Heavily smoking crack. I ended up getting kicked out of college because I had spend too long on my degree (even though I was about to graduate).

When that happened, I went to rehab. While I was there, I found out that there are more drugs in rehab then there is on the streets. At least at THAT rehab there was. While I was there, I met a woman online. She picked me up a few days after we started to talk to each other, and wanted to have sex that night. She wanted me to get her pregnant but she didn't want a relationship with me. She was a nurse and could take of the child herself. She didn't want me in the child's life. I obliged her and moved on. I ended up getting kicked out of that rehab for smoking crack again.

My ex-wife ACTUALLY took me back, to stay at her house because I was homeless. I ended up going online and tried meeting a woman because I did NOT want to stay with my ex-wife for any amount of time. It was weird.

This is where I met the mother of my son. At 29.

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Joe's Speech Choices

Titles, Audiences and Content of Joe’s Speeches

One of Joe’s talents is that he comes up with content on the fly. Even though each of the talks below have a title, each talk is completely unique. He adjusts to his audience on the fly and caters to the minds of those listening. He is interactive and incorporates humor so that the audience stays attentive. When he speaks, others listen.

Scared To Meth16 years old and above:

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This is a clear and concise talk about the effects of meth on a person’s brain. Logic and common sense are becoming increasingly less common. Joe uses both his life and scientific evidence in a way that is designed to stir logical thinking and to train common sense.

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“Because I Said So;” Life DestroyerALL AGES:

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This is a talk about the highly negative consequences of using the saying “Because I said so.”

Youths will learn the hard way. We don’t want that. They need to know how to find out the answer WITHOUT gaining knowledge through experience.

Adults; you will learn simple, but highly effective ways in which to FIND THE ANSWERS to the questions youth have, so as to help them avoid the consequences of learning the hard way, through negative experiences.

It’s all of ours jobs, as adults, to train the youth of today accordingly, so that they will be thoroughly equipped to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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Defining Moments7th through 9th grades:

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Joe considers this to be his most influential talk. This talk is for youths that are at that moment in life when they have to make a choice: to smoke a cigarette/drink alcohol, or to NOT do these things.

When faced with these instances, these are the moments in a child’s life that will help determine whether there is a risk of them becoming an addict. Once the body experiences a new sensation, the flood gates are opened.

This speech is designed to completely deter children from cigarettes and alcohol no matter WHAT their situations may be.

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