This is Joe

He is a former drug addict.
His only mission in life is to prevent
children from living the life he has lived.

What makes Joe special:

Joe has a natural way of reaching the hearts and minds of children. The following points are his strengths.


He truly loves people.
His only desire is to never see anyone live what he has lived.

Fully Recovered Addict

Joe has been sober for 18 months now.
Sober since 09/28/2016

7 Time Felon

He has been to prison twice.
He has a full understanding of the criminal system.

Diagnosed With Disabilities

He uses them as abilities now,
Harnessing the power of his past.

Blunt and to the point.

He will never sugar-coat anything.
He is as straight forward as they come.

Fully Understanding

He has done it all.
He knows what youth of today go through and can completely relate.


The not-so simple facts of his life.

I have lived a terrible life. I had a terrible upbringing and had to start out early in life, basically on my own. A lot of things happened to me when I was a child. A lot of mental, physical and emotional abuse by my parents. Because of all of these things, I didn't get to learn life appropriately. I was an outcast and had to deal with a lot of torment because of things that were beyond my control. And so, starting at 5 years old, up until I turned 33, my life had no focus whatsoever.

The following is a quick synopsis of my life until now. Read More 

Joe's Speech Choices

Titles, Audiences and Content of Joe’s Speeches

One of Joe’s talents is that he comes up with content on the fly. Even though each of the talks below have a title, each talk is completely unique. He adjusts to his audience on the fly and caters to the minds of those listening. He is interactive and incorporates humor so that the audience stays attentive. When he speaks, others listen.

Scared To Meth – 16 years old and above:

This is a clear and concise talk about the effects of meth on a person’s brain. Logic and common sense are becoming increasingly less common. Joe uses both his life and scientific evidence in a way that is designed to stir logical thinking and to train common sense.

“Because I Said So;” Life Destroyer – ALL AGES:

This is a talk about the highly negative consequences of using the saying “Because I said so.”

Youths will learn the hard way. We don’t want that. They need to know how to find out the answer WITHOUT gaining knowledge through experience.

Adults; you will learn simple, but highly effective ways in which to FIND THE ANSWERS to the questions youth have, so as to help them avoid the consequences of learning the hard way, through negative experiences.

It’s all of ours jobs, as adults, to train the youth of today accordingly, so that they will be thoroughly equipped to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Defining Moments – 7th through 9th grades:

oe considers this to be his most influential talk. This talk is for youths that are at that moment in life when they have to make a choice: to smoke a cigarette/drink alcohol, or to NOT do these things.

When faced with these instances, these are the moments in a child’s life that will help determine whether there is a risk of them becoming an addict. Once the body experiences a new sensation, the flood gates are opened.

This speech is designed to completely deter children from cigarettes and alcohol no matter WHAT their situations may be.


498 Center St. 

Apt. 1

Franklin, IN 46131